Our Process

Firstly contact us by phone or email.


From there we can schedule a consultation time which suits you. Generally for new homes it is best to visit our office initially so we can go over your plans. If you are planning a new kitchen in an existing home it is best if we arrange a consultation in your home. You are welcome to visit our office on passing, however the best way to guarantee a dedicated appointment time is to contact us prior to stopping by.



During your initial consultation we will discuss your wish list i.e. what you require from your new kitchen.

At this stage layout is the most important aspect to get right. Style, color and material selection can all be determined later. You will also be asked your preferences for kitchen appliances during our discussions as it is an integral part of kitchen design. Your layout options are determined by the size and shape of planned walls, and window and door positions. In some instances layout options can be designed with you present. Some designs however are more complex and require that you visit us again a few days later for presentation. Our consultation and design service is free. Once plans and options are approved we can provide you with a full comprehensive quotation. At this stage of development any designs and drawings remain the property of Homewood Kitchens. Once our quotation is accepted we will provide you with working drawings and specifications. Alternately we can release the design and specifications for a fee (determined by the design).


3D Design


At Homewood Kitchens we use a program called 3D Kitchen to create your design. This enables us to make changes and variations to design options easily. More importantly it allows us to show you on-screen what your kitchen may look like from any angle. You can easily see it come together as we build toward the final design. We also have the ability to change coolers and textures and add appliances and accessories which provide a surprisingly accurate perspective. Independent designs should you have a design by another designer or an architect we can produce your kitchen to their requirements – offering our best advice along the way.




Once you have accepted our quote, all details have been finalized and a deposit has been paid, we will proceed in manufacturing your new kitchen.

Sub trades


If the kitchen is being fitted into a new home there is no need to think about extras such as electricians and plumbers but we will need to liaise with your trades people to ensure plumbing and power points are positioned correctly.

However if fitting a kitchen in an existing home other trades people need to be considered to complete the job. A plumber and electrician are generally always required. Also you may need a decorator and a flooring specialist. We can remove your existing kitchen if needed, but for any structural changes a builder will need to be employed. We can assist you in finding trades people when required.



To maintain the exceptional standard that Homewood Kitchens is renowned for we insist on installing the kitchens we manufacture.

An exceptional kitchen can look terrible if not installed in a manner appropriate to its standard. Likewise a very ordinary kitchen can look great if the installation is done with precision. Your kitchen should not only look great once installed, but be manufactured with utmost attention to detail.



Upon acceptance of our quotation we require a 50% deposit of the total amount before manufacturing begins.

A further 40% payment is requested before the kitchen is installed into your home. A final 10% (plus any extra remuneration for adjustments made) is due within 7 days of completion of installation.